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Our Awesome Store

We have stores all across London so why not pop in, say, 'Hi' and pick up a box of your favorites!

Most Popular Cakes

Your cupcake selection functions 18 of our Traditional cupcake flavors in addition to more than 20 incredible Deals available solely at our marketplace stalls as well as in assortment boxes that are combined. We never utilize synthetic flavors or chemicals within our cookies and we make solely using the best organic ingredients including natural Doves Farm flour, Lescure AOC butter, natural free-range eggs and chocolate.

Our Services

World Class Chef

We have the world’s renowned chef Mr. Paul in our team to deliver the best taste!

On time Serving

Your Orders will be delivered in 30 minutes of time span for 5 Km serving!

Choice of Many

We have our services all across London. Grab the tastiest cupcakes at our stores!

Dine-in Facility

We currently have dine-in facilities at all stores right now!

Variety of Cupcakes

A great variety of cupcakes available at our stores to serve your taste buds!

Take Away Anytime

Online Orders speak so much of London’s best cupcakes. Thence, no take-aways!

Awesome Vanilla

Don’t Let your taste buds crave for this flavor! It’s utterly Delicious.


`Why let your taste buds crave for it? Order the best from us!

Red Velvet

Ah! This one is amazing!

Lemon Lover

Agh! I am loving it!

Our Awesome Team

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